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Equi-Spirit Toys was featured on the Emmy


Award winning CBS TV show Henry Ford's


Innovation Nation on Oct 10th.



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INNOVATION NATION, hosted by Mo Rocca of


CBS SUNDAY MORNING, is an Emmy Award-


winning celebration of the inventor’s spirit, from


historic scientific pioneers throughout past


centuries to the forward-looking visionaries of


today. Each episode tells the dramatic stories


behind the world’s greatest inventions, and the


perseverance, passion and price required to


bring them to life.





Due to some unscrupulous companies who


have copied our fabric ball design and are


having cheap knock-offs made in China, we


have decided to discontinue carrying the


poly-fabric covered balls. 



We will still be carrying our #1 best-seller,


the Ultimate Cordura(tm) balls.



We also do NOT sell on Ebay or Amazon!


Equi-Spirit Horse Training & Play Balls,

Toys & Tools

As seen in Equus magazine, The Equestrian Times, Equine

Journal, Trail Rider, The Organic Equine, Natural Horse

Magazine, Phoenix Business Gazette, and the Arizona

Republic newspaper


As seen on RFD Equestrian Nation, Cronkite News; News

Watch Sports, The Bonnie

Hunt Show, RFD TV, Horse City TV, and Animals At Work;

A Canadian tv show.


Let Your Horse Play---The Natural Way


Hours of Fun with Extremely Durable, Safe, and

Affordable Toys and Horse Play & Training Balls for

Equines of all Sizes


          Laura Zugzda-California   Friesian Stallions


VIDEO on the DURABILITY of Equi-Spirit Balls




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Extremely durable, made with a heavy duty inner bladder

which is then covered by a 1000 deneier domestic Cordura

(tm) cover, the Equi-Spiritball is big, beautiful,  weather


resistant and provides your equine partner play all day.  It’s


been proven that horses do not get bored with the Equi-


Spirit  horse training balls, toys and toolsas they


sometimes do with other toys. 


Available in 25" for little and  timid horses, and 40 " for the

BIG horses.  The balls can be used for free-play which

encourages exercise and stimulates the horse’s minds as

well as their bodies.


The balls and tools can also be used for mounted games

including Horse Soccer, a growing equine trend. Equi-Spirit

toys are also currently used by a number of clinicians at

their demonstrations and events.  Karen Scholl,

Horsemanship for Women uses her Equi-spirit ball and

Rainbow Parachute for this purpose. 


The complete line of Equi-spirit toys and tools, including the

extra durable horse play balls can also be used by teachers

and trainers, individual horse owners and care-givers to

keep horses exercised and amused.


Horse ‘N Around Has Never Been so Much Fun!



“We believe very strongly in the importance of play in a

horse’s emotional and physical well being,” says Equi-

Spiritcreator, Lisa Ross-Williams and Kenny Williams.

“But our horses were literally going through various balls in

a matter of a few minutes. Our horse Riley seemed on

mission to pop whatever inflated toy he could, either by

biting them or laying on them,” says Lisa. “We became

committed to finding a horse play ball that could hold up,

but there were none on the market that could offer any

durability.  So we located reliable manufacturers, and

created Equi-spirit. We found other people were having the

same durability issues, so it was a hit!”


Equi-Spirit Toys & Tools Product List




40” Equi-Spirit™ Ultimate Cordura Ball


This Extra Heavy-Duty Ultimate ball is made for Extreme

environments, horses and excessive play. This product can

withstand the very aggressive player, rugged land, and

multiple horse activites such as Horse Soccer.


This fun design ball is great for mounted games or free-

play. Featuring a durable PVC bladder and 1000 denier

domestic Cordura(tm) (material such as what heavy-duty


backpacks are made from)cover, this ball can give your


horse years of play.

Includes plug, set of instruction and  a 30-day warranty

against manufacturer's defects. 

COVER MADE IN THE USA  40" $185.00 SALE $157.25  

25"  $125.00



Pre-holiday Sale-Save 15% ($27.75) on the 40" Equi-Spirit


Ball.  Limited time only.




Ultimate Tug Buddy




The ultimate, virtually indestructible play toy for horses.



This 19” tall durable thick vinyl ball with extra heavy-duty


handle can be hung in a stall or used for free-play in


pastures and turnout. With a weight of 6 lbs, it has lots of


action to keep horses stimulated.



Includes a hanging rope with carabineer clip and a 5/8” rope


for free-play.  The Equi-Spirit Tug Buddy will give your horse


years of play. MADE IN THE USA!






Rainbow Rigid Plastic Cones


Rainbow Rigid Plastic Cones. 15 inch high play cones

which are sturdy, colorful, and versatile. Set of six includes

one of each rainbow color; red, orange, yellow, green, blue,

and purple. Great for free play or mounted games. Not

suggested for use in very cold weather.



Equi-Spirit 12 foot diameter Parachute


Equi-Spirit 12 foot diameter Parachute.  12’ Rainbow

Training Parachute. Constructed of durable nylon, reinforced

at stress points and complete with nylon handles. Great for

desensitization as well as ground and mounted games.

Includes a printout of suggested ground and mounted tasks




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Our balls are different from the Parelli,

Stacy Westfall and Horse

ball!  How??


1.  Our Equi-Spirit™ balls are designed for horses-Theirs are

human exercise/play balls.


2.  Our Equi-Spirit™ balls have an outside cover which

protects the inner pvc (with anti-burst) bladder; horses

cannot bite a hole in the bladder.  Theirs has only a thin

rubber bladder filled with air; horses can easily bite and pop



3.  Our Equi-Spirit™ balls can be used for free-play.  Theirs

is labeled for only supervised ground/mounted games.


4.  Our Equi-Spirit™ balls come in cool designs and colors

and two sizes; 25” and 40”.  Theirs only come in one size

and blue or green.


5.  The inner bladder in our Equi-Spirit™ balls can be

replaced.  Once theirs pop, you have to buy a whole new



6.  Our Equi-Spirit™ balls come with a 30 day warranty

against manufacturer’s defects.  Theirs doesn’t.





Others are trying to copy our ball designs--If it

doesn't have the Equi-Spirit Logo, It's NOT the

world famous Equi-Spirit Ball.



There have even been a few people using our Equi-Spirit

trademarked name and logo to try to sell balls. If in doubt,

please EMAIL lisa






Every year Equi-Spirit donates many of our world

famous Equi-Spirit balls to non-profits around the

world.  We believe in supporting those who make

such an effort to help horses and people in need.


Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary

Horses Healing Heros-Post Traumatic

Stress Disorders

Equine Voices Rescue

Nor Cal Equine Rescue


Hopes and Dreams-Post Traumatic


Stress Disorders

SCLAR-Large Animal Emergency Evacuation

National Wild Horse Center

Saint Jude Mesa Stables

Equi-More Foundation

Narrow Gate Youth Ranch

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch

Pregnant Mare Rescue

Quest Equine Welfare

Helen Woodword Animal Center

Ride On Center for Kids

Handicapped Equestrian Learning Center

Lucky Horse Equine Rescue

The Gentle Barn

Southwest Behavioral Health Services


Dusty's Riders

Rancho St. Francis

Safe Haven Horse Rescue

Blended Spirits Ranch

Upside Therapeutic Riding Center




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Dogs LOVE the Equi-Spirit ball too! 


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Spirit Toys & Tools?

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DISCLAIMER-Equestrian activities are

inherently dangerous by nature.  If Your

Horse Could Talk, LLC and Equi-Spirit™ Toys &

Tools denies all responsibility for any claim

arising from the use of products purchased.